A leading producer of consumer eggs

The Company Fermy Drobiu Wozniak sp. z o. o. is one of the biggest consumer eggs producers in Poland and in Europe.

We conduct a fully integrated production of consumer eggs. We provide comprehensive transport services to our customers. We conduct grain purchase in 13 buying stations in western Poland and we have our own feed mixing plant.

We believe that only an integrated production process may allow us to offer the highest quality of our products. That is why we supervise each stage of the production – from chicks through raising laying hens through manufacturing high quality feed to packing and transporting eggs.

We do all this in order to achieve our goal – we want to deliver to our consumers the highest quality consumer eggs.

What makes us stand out?

Competitively high production potential, the Company’s stable market position, reliability of deliveries, a possibility to hire vehicles for transport contributed to us being a reliable and readily selected business partner.

We strive after perfection and constant development, promptly responding to innovations so that we can best serve our customers and continue our successful activity.

It all contributed to the Company’s success and made Fermy Drobiu Woźniak, founded in 1986, a leader among consumer egg producers.


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05-04-2020, 04:38:33
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