Innovative production system

Fermy Drobiu Wozniak produces eggs in conformity with the EU directive, using innovative machines.

Impressive production halls are equipped with BIG DUTCHMAN and SPECHT cages.

Production halls are furnished with an automatic system of transferring eggs to the main sorting plant along Anaconda conveyor belts.

MOBA packing machines constitute another system. They automatically and touchlessly pack eggs into plastic egg trays. Such machines’ efficiency reaches 36 thousand eggs per hour.

Effective sorting of eggs according to their sizes and quality takes place through fully automatic OMNIA sorting machines.

The full process, from the moment an egg is laid until the moment it is packed is touchless, which means that no human hand touches an egg.


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05-04-2020, 03:52:39
05-04-2020, 03:52:39
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