High-quality feeds – Quality Mark

Fermy Drobiu Wozniak’s feed mixing plant, built from scratch and put into operation in 2011, is one of the state of the art mixing plants in Poland. It is furnished with a fully automatic production line with efficiency of 72 tons of feed per hour and it gives it a status of one of the biggest in the industry in Poland.

It operates on the basis of the Plant Management System created on the principles of HACCP and GHP. It ensures full control over the production process at all stages. It allows to estimate and eliminate risk from raw material delivery to distribution of ready products and to ensure safety of machines, equipment, and facility operation.

The feed mixing plant has two modern laboratories where the purchased raw materials and feed additives are tested and only those of the top quality are selected.

Production efficiency and development are supervised by a qualified team of specialists.


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06-06-2020, 01:07:06
06-06-2020, 01:07:06
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