Professional and comprehensive transport services

Dynamically developed transport fleet constitutes a part of the Company Fermy Drobiu Woźniak’s comprehensive offer.

We continually look for solutions that would perfectly address our customers’ needs. That is why we provide professional transport services for our cooperating egg customers and grain suppliers.

We have a professional transport fleet including:
– 111 refrigerated trucks for egg transport – they provide optimal conditions for egg transport – the product gets to the customer fast and safely
– 24 tank-silo trailers for feed transport from the production plant to the poultry farms
– 60 trucks for grain transport from a producer – a farmer or from silos to the feed manufacturing plant

We have two logistic centres from which we dispatch our deliveries.

Would you like to know more about our transport rental services? Fill in and send the contact form. We shall contact you immediately.


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05-04-2020, 04:38:33
05-04-2020, 04:38:33
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