Guaranteed quality of goods and satisfaction

Fermy Drobiu Wozniak’s business partners::

  • industrial processing plants in Poland and in Europe,
  • customers in Japan, Asia, and Africa,
  • wholesale companies and commodities exchanges,
  • the biggest retail networks all over Poland,
  • local and regional reputable retail networks,
  • grain suppliers.

The cooperation includes:

  • sales of eggs,
  • grain purchase,
  • transport services.


Guarantee of quality – the top quality product from one of the biggest consumer eggs producers in Poland and in Europe.

Comprehensiveness – we have an extensive transport fleet. We offer transport services to both consumer eggs consumers and grain suppliers.

Promptness of deliveries – we offer transport of the purchased eggs in specialized refrigerated trucks so the goods are delivered promptly and safely. At the customers’ request we deliver our goods on plastic or paper egg trays.

Reliability of deliveries – we are a company with a consolidated market position, distinguished by competitively high production potential and stability of deliveries all year round.

Individual approach – we offer the most favourable terms of cooperation. We adjust egg packaging to individual needs.

Professional consultancy – we provide professional consultancy within the scope of our offer. Our Company’s representatives will recommend the best solutions and provide all necessary information.

Diversity of the offer – we guarantee a wide range of products and flexibility of our offer. We provide an extensive line of diverse products meeting individual requirements.

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