High-end consumer eggs

In order to satisfy our customers’ needs Fermy Drobiu Woźniak offers an exceptionally wide range of products – white and brown eggs of different sizes, in standard and special packages, and to individual order.

Consumer eggs produced by our Company have been appreciated by customers and business partners in Poland and in Europe for their quality and unique taste value.

Fermy Drobiu Woźniak’s line of products:

Standard products

6x 10x 15x 18x 20x 30x 60x

Special products

  • Barn-laid eggs
  • Royal eggs
  • Scrumptious eggs
  • White eggs
  • Eggs with their laying date


  • Extensive line of white and brown eggs.
  • Eggs from cage production system and barn production system.
  • Top quality and taste value.
  • Unique design which encourages purchase.
  • Durability of packaging which guarantees safe transport.
  • Deliveries on reusable, paper or plastic egg trays.

Find out more about our consumer egg offer.
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