• Laying hens are reared in small groups in the aviary housing.
  • Eggs from henhouses are transferred by the Egg Conveyor System to the eggs collection station with the speed of up to 65000 eggs per hour.
  • The MobaMpack system puts eggs into egg trays that are placed on pallets in the Egg Cargo System. Capacity: up to 54 000 eggs per hour. We use only Hitachi food-grade ink to mark eggs.
  • Collected eggs are sorted by 3 machines of the MOBA PX530 series. Capacity: 190 000 eggs per hour. The process of sorting is totally contactless and automated thanks to the use of a depalletizing robot and the eggs are checked by the intelligent system for:
    • detection of cracked eggs,
    • detection of presence of blood,
    • detection of leakage,
    • detection of contamination,
    • elimination of bacteria by UV disinfection.

    Once checked, microbiologically safe products are packed and prepared for shipment.

Our activity is based on the latest norms and systems.
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